Warmly adding color to each and every one of our customer’s lives.
We want our chochin to maintain that kind of presence.

We, SUZUKI MOHEI SHOTEN, were established in 1865.
Ever since then, we have continued to make chochin to offer to our customers to be used on various occasions such as festivals and Obon events.

We can sense the traditional beauty of Japan in the features of having light and durable structures made of bamboo and paper, and of being foldable for storage and to unfold for use.
We would like to take the skills of making chochin and their appeal and hand them down to future generations.
The chochin with their traditional beauty are also lighting tools and practical pieces of equipment which light up your lives at the same time.
We shall convey the gentleness of the light, the beauty of their shapes, and their appeal as interior decoration, and suggest further new possibilities they may have.

We will incorporate new ideas such as useful shapes for indoor use, reproduction of flickering light and lighting using sound sensors, while making the most of traditional techniques, to make chochin that will illuminate and add color to our lives today.
In addition to conveying our tradition and continuing to make new challenges, what we enjoy the most is our connections with the customers using our chochin.
It is up to the customers themselves to choose how, when and where to use those chochin, but our important and enjoyable job is to have them make the choice which would add color to their hearts through our mutual communication.

We will respond to each and every one of our customers’ thoughts through our communication with them, at times from our production line-up, and at other times from the development of new products.

Chochin—Beautiful, new and fun lighting equipment.
SUZUMO will continue to offer light receptacles which light up tradition, the future and people’s hearts.