Case of MUJI
Yorktown Mito
無印良品 ヨークタウン水戸様の事例

無印良品 ヨークタウン水戸には、現在MICシリーズのICHI-GOを72個使ったシャンデリアが設置されています。

How did you come to know Mohei Suzuki Shoten and Suzumo brand?

We learned about Mito's traditional crafts through our own research when we started preparing for the opening in July 2021. Our impression at the time was that they were warm and inviting, and we felt that we definitely wanted to install them as a symbol of the store. We thought that if we installed it in the store, it would be loved by local customers and would make the store a place that friends and relatives would want to brag about.

When and how did the joint project implementation start?

I remember that it started when our staff talked to you about the publication in Local Nippon.

What was the response/reaction from customers?

Many people stopped to look at the lanterns in the store, and when we explained about the lanterns at some point, we received many positive responses. Many of the people who participate in in-store events are familiar with Mizufu chochin, and it is a good opportunity for them to deepen their friendships.

What was the reaction/reaction within the company?

Since its opening, visitors to the store have commented that the store and the region have been able to express their unique characteristics. They were impressed by the fact that the stores have been able to show the characteristics of the local community. They hoped that as more and more stores open in the region, they would be able to do the same. It was also suggested that the stores be able to sell lanterns as LOCALMUJI*.
* This initiative involves finding products that are full of local charm, such as local specialties and agricultural products that are rooted in the history, culture, and daily life of each region, and stocking them at MUJI stores and selling them.

How did you feel about our proposal and response to your order?

Despite the sudden request, we feel that the company was proactive in working toward the installation. We had originally planned to install two chandeliers at the entrance of the store, but due to various problems, we decided to install a chandelier type. Despite the major change, we were able to flexibly accommodate the change. We are also impressed by the fact that they took care not to destroy the image of MUJI.

How was the staff's personalities?

When we visited the store for a meeting, he took the lead throughout the meeting to explain the products and discuss them for display. There are many different types of lanterns, not just the ones we often see, and he explained each one in detail. Thanks to this, we were able to deepen our understanding of the products and your company and convey your passion for craftsmanship, and we were able to move toward installation.
Even after the installation, you continued to be flexible and accommodating in handling everything, such as willingly lending us valuable exhibits for our opening events and anniversary festivals.

Please tell us about any projects you would like to develop/plan to develop in the future.

Workshops on making mini lanterns, regular exhibition planning, and lantern display events involving all Yorktown tenants (have lanterns placed at entrances)


We consider it a great honor to be able to install your lanterns in our new store. Whenever I see the lanterns on the streets of Mito, I am proud to say that they are actually on display at MUJI in Mito. Also, when I see customers looking at the chochin in the store, I feel that they are soothed by the warm and gentle light of the chochin, and I am glad that we introduced them. In the future, I intend to make a small contribution through my basic business activities so that the quality of chochin can be conveyed not only to people in Mito, but also to people from all walks of life.