Case of Ibaraki Robots茨城ロボッツ様の事例


How did you come to know Mohei Suzuki Shoten and Suzumo brand?

When the Lobots made Mito their home base, I became interested in the area and began researching it when I learned that it was one of the three major lantern production areas in Japan. As a professional sports team rooted in the local community, we thought it was important to play a role in communicating the charm of the area, but the more we learned about the lanterns themselves, which combine the tradition and innovation of Mohei Suzuki Shoten, and the spirit of the craftspeople, we were drawn to the idea of working together one day. We hoped to work with them someday, and we were eager to develop a joint project with them.

When and how did the joint project implementation start?

When it was decided that Mito would host the B-League All-Star in 2020, the league asked us to use a motif that would symbolize Mito, and we proposed the use of lanterns to express the fusion of tradition and innovation. As a result, the plan was to decorate the grounds with lanterns, but due to the effects of an infectious disease, the event had to be canceled and was never seen by the public. In the process, however, the Ibaraki Robots wondered if it would be possible to develop a joint development project on their own, and decided to consider the development of goods that would match the penlights used in the darkened areas of the field.

What were "particularly successful" and "particularly difficult or creative" aspects of the joint project?

I think it was very good that we were able to experience that the lanterns are only as good as the lights that light them. The idea of lanterns covering penlights and the custom-made lanterns made the atmosphere of the venue even more beautiful. On the other hand, I felt that there were still some issues to be addressed in terms of communicating information and appealing to the audience as to why lanterns were used. We would like to devise ways to make the away visitors think "I see" as well as the home fans.

How was the response/reaction from customers?

I think that people are very interested in this product. I believe that if more people can afford to buy them, they will become more popular, and after they become more popular, many people will want to buy them themselves. I would be very happy if even one or two more people are attracted to the more authentic world of Suifu chochin and are drawn into it.

What was the reaction/reaction within the company?

For the staff and players within the company, this will be an opportunity to learn and feel "why lanterns" and "the importance of the story of Mito and lanterns". We believe that Robots' worldview x region and tradition x progress initiatives will be further developed based on this case study.

How did you feel about our proposal and response to your order?

I am always overwhelmed by the wealth of ideas. I wonder what kind of products are out there, what kind of things are possible. I learn that preserving tradition means making changes. Of course, your commitment to technology is impeccable.

How was the staff's personalities?

They are always ready to consult with us and take care of our needs immediately, which really helps us all the time. There are not a few cases where we use them for promotion on various occasions, and they respond flexibly to our requests, such as lending them out. Every time we make a proposal, they often say, "That's good," "That's interesting," or "Let's do it," and it is fun to think about it together.

Please tell us about any projects you would like to develop/plan to develop in the future.

Lantern workshops at M-SPO, experience of making lanterns for away visitors, etc. / Further use of venues and stores for staging / Continue with all-star events, etc. / It would be interesting to make roboske lanterns, etc. / I would like to try decorating M-SPO with lanterns in the summer.


I feel that tradition and forward-thinking are what makes Suzumo and Mito unique. I hope that we can continue to work together to promote and enliven our important region and connect it to the next generation with an aggressive attitude. I look forward to working with you again in the future!